Title I-Intervention

Academy Adventures Midtown participates in Federal Programs such as Title I and Title IVA.  Federal Programs provide the school with supplementary assistance to further educate the children either through additional funding or resources.
Parent participation is strongly encouraged and the school makes every effort to keep parent involvement high.  Parents are encouraged to attend meetings, provide feed back and visit their child’s classroom on a regular basis.  Parent involvement in Federal Programs is essential to the success of the school.
If you have questions, please contact Mr. Jack.

Title IV-A  – Healthy Snack Program

Academy Adventures Midtown participates in Title IV-A by providing a Healthy Snack Program.  Students participate in making their daily snacks.  Snacks are higher in protein, lower in sugar and lower in fat that most snacks the students normally eat.  Students learn about the importance of fueling their bodies with healthy snacks and how proteins, carbohydrates and fats fit into their diets.  Aside from just learning about the nutrition part of eating healthy, students are learning how to cook, bake, measure ingredients and work as a team to create the healthy snacks!  The program has inspired students to try new things such as various vegetables “hidden” in their snacks, new types of fruit and how to make a recipe healthier.  There has been a significant change in how students energy levels stay more consistent by fueling their bodies with healthy snacks.  Check out our monthly newsletter for a featured recipe each month!
At Academy Adventures Midtown, cooking is used as a vehicle for teaching students language, mathematics and science concepts.  Besides, cooking is a great skill to have!